Customer Success Story – Market Group

How we reduced Infrastructure cost for Market Group

We lowered Market Groups Infrastructure spending by moving major workload from multiple public clouds to a Openstack based Private Cloud and Baremetal Kubernetes Clusters . Further cost savings were archived with moving from commercial licensed software to Open Source alternatives and the removal of unused or wrong configured resources.

Market Group holds a portfolio of multiple Ad-Tech and E-Commercie Companies such as Supply and Demand Side Platforms, Cost Comparisation Services, Performance Marketing Tools and much more.

The total MRC infrastructure cost for hosting services was a high six digit figure and our journey to reduce it started with moving development and test environments to a dedicated openstack private cloud into a Tier IV Datacenter. After a while the decision was made to also start moving production systems and with this expand the private cloud to multiple regions for HA and Geo requirements.

We build a OpenStack based Private Cloud consisting of 4 Datacenter Locations (2x Europe, 2x USA) providing 6400 Intel based CPU Cores, 25 TB of memory and 2 Petabyte of ceph backed storage capacity utilizing HPE Proliant, HPE Apollo and Arista and Juniper Network Equipment. Public Cloud connectivity for load based scale out and related services were provided using AWS DirectConnects. The Clouds on each continent were interconnected with a dedicated 10G fiber line and IPSec fallback VPNs.

With the ongoing success of Kubernetes and a new company aquisition the requirement for a large Kubernetes Setup in the US arrised. So we expanded the two US locations by adding 100 AMD EPYC based machines for a big baremetal kubernetes cluster to support the new product which had high bandwidth and cpu requirements. Each cluster provided 3200 real cpu cores and another 25TB of memory, 400TB of NVME storage via

The total monthly infrastructure and bandwidth cost was reduced by 60%. The CAPEX for the Hardware paid off already after one year of savings. Elasticity was provided by on-demand scale out to Amazon utilizing the existing DirectConnects.

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