Advisory Services

Professional consultancy services,

empowering you to design and run a holistic and effective security programme

Information Security


We help you establish an effective Information Security Program utilizing internationally recognised frameworks such as NIST and ISO. Our aim is to help clients define a comprehensive cyber security strategy, prioritise investments and align security capabilities with strategic business objectives. We then deliver a structured training programme to enable businesses to convert cyber risk into a collective organisational responsibility.

Risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Our mission is to identify all your critical organisational assets, evaluate any risks associated with them by monetising the impact wherever possible, so it clearly resonates with your business mindset. We then work with you to formulate counter measures to offset those risks effectively. No organisation should go without a risk assessment which is the standard method of uncovering information security blind spots and their impact.

Business Continuity

Our advisory teams work closely with you to design, develop and implement a complete tailored set of operational plans and infrastructure designs, which provide you with the ability to continue providing your products or services, even in the event of a major, ‘Force Majeure’ type incident that could prove catastrophic to your organisation.




A virtual (C)hief (I)nformation (S)ecurity (O)fficer, or vCISO, is a professional who regularly engages with organisations to provide all the necessary cybersecurity support one would expect from permanently appointed member of staff, within a more cost-effective service model.

Pen Testing

Penetration testing simulates real-world scenarios of cyber-attacks to an organisation’s network, systems, or applications and assesses their vulnerability to compromise, either as a Blackhat or Whitehat. Experience how your security procedures and personnel fare under real-world attack scenarios, such as data theft, espionage, extortion, sabotage and real cyber warfare.

Vulnerability Assessment

Programm Management

The Vulnerability Assessment Management programme consists us of scheduling vulnerability scans against the target systems, aiming to identify known software flaws and misconfigurations. Once the scan is finalised, we will issue a report and make best practice remediation recommendations. We will then work with your business to initiate a remediation plan and follow through to completion