Managed Kubernetes

We help you seamlessly manage and scale your Kubernetes Infrastructure

Large Scale Kubernetes

Kubernetes and Containerization is widely adopted today in small and larger organisations.

We specialize in large high performance bare metal clusters utilizing the latest CPU generations, NVME only baked storage, 20 to 100Gbit/s networking and up to 10.000 or more cores per cluster.

In large and network heavy clusters there is alot to consider from choosing the right CNI, correct ingress choice, required security and isolation features, correct system settings on the underlying hardware and network devices itself.

We have extensive knowledge of operating some very large baremetal kubernetes clusters with constant streaming of 20 and more Gigabits per second of public network traffic.

Hosting and Operation

With our Datacenter Partners we can provide hosting in facilities in all geographic regions including additional services such as AWS DirectConnect Uplinks, Inter-Facility Wavelinks and much more, or just use your existing locations.

We take care of the complete setup, operations, upgrades and pro-active incident management of your clusters.

Private ClusterAdvantage

Hosting your own clusters on unshared servers will eliminate noisy neighbour problems and give you full insight in overal utilisation. For cpu and network heavy applications a baremetal setup often eliminates additional bottlenecks from multiple isolation and virtualisation layers.

Pricing Calculcator

Pricing varies between CAPEX and OPEX, while purchasing and owning hardware is always more price effective in the long term, renting can be a option to minimize operational management and have more flexibility but as downside has long contract runtimes to get the best pricing.

Our pricing calculator will help you to get a estimate of your projected monthly spendings on our K8S Managed Offering.