Information Security Services


Never worry again about meeting your compliance objectives. Whether it’s data privacy or a framework that must be followed, we have the experience to help you navigate a challenging landscape.

ISO 27001

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Advisory services

Professional consultancy services, empowering you to design and run a holistic and effective security programme

Risk Assessments
Business Continuity
Vulnerability Management
Pen Testing

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Network security

At the cornerstone of every security strategy, is the network. We provide solutions and services to help you secure your network at every layer

Next Gen Firewalls
Infrastructure Security
Secure Architecture
Wireless Security

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Managed Detection & Response

You can set up the best defences, but if you are not constantly monitoring and analysing traffic, you’ll always be a step behind. Our MDR service does exactly that, 24/7/365. So you don’t have to

24/7/365 SOC
Incident Management
Threat Hunting
Forensic Analysis

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Endpoint & Host Security

The source of many attacks, endpoints must be always protected. Whether it’s the CEO’s laptop or a guest’s tablet, our EDR solutions protect and monitor the entire endpoint spectrum of devices

Threat Containment
Behavioural Detection
Multi layered protection
Cloud Based Protection

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Cloud Security

Possibly the primary estate where your business’s revenue is generated. But also, the number 1 target for threat actors. We combine all our other services into this one domain for your peace of mind

Container Security
Code Scanning
Threat Modelling

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